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WordPress Themes

One of the great Features of WordPress is the concept of Themes – which make it very easy to change the look, structure, layout, and even functionality of a WordPress Website simply by choosing a new theme.

Selecting a new WordPress Theme will not affect the “content” (text, documents, images) of the site, but will change the way this content is presented on the web page.


There are thousands of Free themes available direct from the WordPress dashboard, and thousands more Premium (paid) WordPress Themes available online – which for a small fee (typically $40 to $100) offer extra featui4res, functionality and layout options.

Most new themes will require some level of setup and generally the more sophisticated (and flexible) the theme, the more setup will be required.

Once installed and activated you can also customise themes to incorporate your own logo, colour scheme, fonts. and layouts.

Most current WordPress Themes are “responsive” which means they automatically adapt the page layout depending on the type of device (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile) being used to view it.