WordPress Training Courses & Workshops - Brisbane, Australia

WordPress Training Options

We often get asked to explain the various options for WordPress Training – so this post provides an outline of the different WP Training options that we offer in Brisbane – along with some guidelines as to which training option is most relevant to you….

WordPress Workshop


This is a small group workshop designed specifically for complete beginners. It is a one day (8hr) classroom style training session, where each participant has there own PC to work on.

We cover the fundamentals of websites in this workshop, including how to register a domain, setup hosting, install WordPress, and then how to create and manage a WordPress website.

If you have ANY experience in websites, or WordPress, then you may find that One on One training (see below) is a more effective training option for you.

This is a very hands on, and at the end of the day you will have a LIVE WordPress website that you have created yourself.

For more information contact us or see Website In a Day

One on One WordPress Training

If you have an existing WordPress based website, or already have some experience with Websites or WordPress, then One on One training is likely to be a better option for you.

We customise this training to meet your specific needs and level of experience… we can skip over the things you are already comfortable with, and concentrate on the WordPress features that you want to learn more about.

For more information contact us or see One on One WordPress Training

WordPress Consulting

If you have an extra feature or better functionality added to your existing WordPress website and don’t necessarily need (or want) to know how it is done…. we can do it for you.  Usually we can add extra functuionality to your site oursleves, a lot faster than we can teach you how to do it… so consulting can be a very efficient way to improve your site.

(note: we can include some Web Consulting as part of a One on One WordPress Training package if you like).

For more information contact us or see WordPress Consulting