WordPress Training Courses & Workshops - Brisbane, Australia

WordPress Consulting

Our trainers have been been using WordPress for more than 5 years, and we use it exclusively for our website development projects.

WordPress Consulting Services

Because we are using WordPress so often for the development and day to day management of our own and students websites, we have extensive hands on experience with most aspects of WordPress.  We are able to  provide advice and assistance to ensure that your WordPress website is as effective as possible at promoting your products and services online.

Our WordPress Consulting service can be personalised to meet your specific needs and can cover some (or all) of the following :

  • WordPress training
  • WordPress installation, setup and configuration
  • WordPress theme selection, installation and customisation
  • WordPress plugin selection, installation, configuration and customisation
  • WordPress Troubleshooting, fault finding and resolution (HTML, CSS and PHP)
  • WordPress SEO Services – to optimise your sites search rankings and visibility online
  • and much more….

Please Contact Us to discuss your specific needs and if we can help, we will be happy to provide a proposal and quotation.